This project was a live brief for the D & AD competition. The aim of it was to illustrate an event from the history of XL recordings that would serve for an anniversary anthology of the record company. The deliverables consisted of an A1 poster and a visual, either still or moving image to use for the website. My starting point was the pattern of lights, distortion and bright colours used in the video. I create my poster from the idea of ombro cinema and then developed it in typographic experimentation. The video I made for the website is a screenprinted with glow in the dark ink vinyl, filmed while spinning. The sound used is the original from the vinyl, cause by the ink that damaged the sound and it is made to represent the censorship of the song at the time it was released.


Collaborative project with students from Portland University using letterpress and risograph techniques. The work was exhibited at the Print House in Dalston.