As a group we have focused on the influence of betting shops amongst London's High Streets. Looking at demographics the high density of betting shops became clearly visible. Not only does this has an effect on the gambling behaviour of people but also on the general transformation of the face of the local high street. Looking deeper into the issue of gambling, the difficulties to approach problem gamblers became evident. Hence, in order to approach our target audience (problem gamblers) and anyone who might be affected by betting shops we have re-designed the Monopoly game and transformed it into a fast-trading-betting-shop game. Re-designing all the elements of the game and forming new rules, this game now functions to raise awareness and educate. We have chosen the name Monotony to refer to the monotoneous/repetitive pattern of betting shops along high streets. The project ended with an exhibition at the London College of Communication of all the works from students that were undertaking this brief.  Along the project we collabrated with the national problem gambling clinic, where our outcome is in display at the time being.