The Great Green Wall is a giant wall of trees and plant-life, designed to halt the sands and bring life back to the area. The brief ask to promote the Great Green Wall and make it famous globally. 

Creating a National Day called Great Gardening Day, dedicated to raise awareness about the project. 

A Great Green Bicycle will be placed on the day in emblematic parks of each borough in London where people can gather and collect a kit with seeds, a leaflet containing information about the Great Green Wall as well as a tag that can be hung outside the door in order to make it recongnisable to other participants of the Great Green Day. For those using social media, by posting a picture with geotagged location on instagram with the hashtag #ggd and they will be added to an interactive map creating a Great Green Wall in their city. Once the time has come to harvest the plants, the participants can share what they have grown with their neighbours. Out of the participants of the campaign that uploaded their pictures on instagram, one winner each year will be chosen to travel to one of the African countries to witness the development of the project