The aim of this project was to create a typographic outcome woking with the notion of the ‘Spatial’. As a starting point we were asked to use the words ‘ action, time and vision ’ and create a typographic solution for screen or print. My first idea was to work with the missenterpreation of reality through typography. I looked at different newspapers, and how, even if covering the same news, thier interpretation may wary. The starting point for my project were their headines, and how they are transmitting the same information with different interpretations. From there I focused on one article from the The Guardian about Syria and decided to work on the censorship that is an issue in the country. My final outcome was an interpretation of the article printed on tracing paper. In order to create a ‘spacial’ outcome, which was the starting point of the project. I ‘censored’ parts of the article that will most likely be censored in Syria and overlayed layers of text in order for the words on the page below to be hardly visible but readable if exposed to light. I wanted to create a reference to the often hidden information from individuals that can be only visible when exposed to the light.